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Exciting updates are happening in the smart lock world. At Corporate Locksmiths, we want to provide the latest news and updates when it comes to the smart lock market. One of the latest updates is the firmware changes within the TTLock app.

Our newest products feature these new changes. This update takes the smart lock management within the app to the next level. Some of the major changes include customisable lock sounds, incorporated Amazon and Google Home integration through the app, changeable door opening direction. 

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Looking to connect your smart devices and take your home automation to the next level?

With our range of smart locks you can connect your lock to your Google Home devices. Using voice commands like "Hey Google, Unlock my front door", you can perform functions with your lock without having to do it yourself.

This article will give a brief starting guide to connecting these devices and using Google Home and your smart lock.

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Corporate Locksmiths Melbourne operates from its centrally located office in Abbotsford. Chosen for its location in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD and major arterial roads to all Melbourne suburbs.  

Corporate Locksmiths has the ability to give rapid response mobile and emergency locksmiths services and electronic security. Corporate Locksmiths has been a trusted provider since 1975 within the commercial industries of Melbourne.

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Introducing the newest product in our smart lock range - the wireless key remote. This new product gives you another way to unlock and manage your smart lock devices. Whether in a commercial or private setting, this product enables you to combine our smart lock technology with electronic unlocking solutions. 

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With SecEsafe Smart Key Safe you can manage facilities effectively and securely whilst making it a convenient process for your management team. The large IP66 rated key safe can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock app available on iOS and Android. Often, mechanical key safes become weathered over time due to constant exposure to heat, cold and rain. This can make it difficult to enter the pin code into the key safe as the numbers become stiff from weather exposure. The SecEsafe key safe is IP66 rated with a robust design in order to withstand the climate.

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