Google Home x TTLock - Quick Start Guide

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Google Home x TTLock - Quick Start Guide

Looking to connect your smart devices and take your home automation to the next level?

With our range of smart locks you can connect your lock to your Google Home devices. Using voice commands like "Hey Google, Unlock my front door", you can perform functions with your lock without having to do it yourself.

This article will give a brief starting guide to connecting these devices and using Google Home and your smart lock.

Products Required

It is important that you have these products before starting the process you will not be successful otherwise.

1. 1 x TTLock Gateway - This is a device allows the locks to connect to the internet in order to communicate with the Google Home devices. You can view our gateway products here and here.

2. 1 x Smart Lock (Multiple smart lock devices as you want can be connected to the Google Home app. The smart lock must using TTLock technology. You can view our full range of TTLock products here.

3. Google Home Account - Make sure you have downloaded and created an account before starting.

4. TTLock Account - Download and create a TTLock account using either your phone number or email address. 


Once you have set up your accounts on these platforms and successfully installed and connected your smart lock, gateway and Google Home devices, you can then proceed to the steps that outline how to connect the two platforms together - view our step-by-step guide here.

Understanding How Google Home and TTLock Operate Together




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