CL815B/BF - Intelligent Bluetooth Lever Lock

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The CL815B/BF is a Keyless Digital / Electronic Door Lock which can be fitted as a Front Door Lock. It can be operated via Bluetooth or from remote locations using the TTLock iOS/Android app without the need for Internet or WiFi. It is suited for Homes, Offices, Airbnb, Motels, Holiday Homes etc.

  • Specific codes can be sent via SMS or E-Mail. These codes can be  temporary (1 day) or permanent.
  • Bluetooth access (one-time, temporary, or permanent) can also be shared by SMS or E-Mail.
  • MiFare Fobs & Fingerprints can be added as credentials.
  • There is a key override & Micro-USB port in order to get in if the batteries go flat. 

For more information on this lock, use the links below.

This lock has two different models, & comes in two different colours. The CL815BF is the base model with an added fingerprint reader.

CL815 Product Overview

CL815 User Manual