Salto Access Control Melbourne

Salto Access Control Melbourne

Reliable Salto Control Access Installers in Melbourne

Do you want quality Salto access control installation in Melbourne? Get in touch with the Corporate Locksmiths & Electronic Security team. We stock innovative and reliable security systems from Salto. Our products are forward-thinking and brilliantly engineered. As such, we offer valuable solutions for business owners and homes. We have been in the industry for over 40 years and are available 24/7 for your peace of mind. We are among the most preferred experts in the industry since we have a team well-versed and innovative in the security industry.

Due to our quality commitment, our team has received SCEC Endorsement and is fully registered under the Master Association of Australasia (MLAA). So, you can have peace of mind knowing that a fully qualified and experienced team will do your installations. Over the years, we have served a substantial client base in commercial and residential premises. We always adhere to the highest industry standards.

Salto Access Control Melbourne

Let Us Help You Protect Your Property with Salto Access Control in Melbourne

Salto access control solutions are used in various challenging and unique applications and facilities. We are your reliable partner irrespective of the property you toned to secure. We offer easy, wireless door locking for your home and business. The Salto access solution allows you to expand your security solutions in different areas of your building, especially where you require higher security. The system also offers the best way to identify visitors. You can allow access to only those you trust with your property.

The system removes the stress of managing entry and exit points in commercial premises such as a university. The systems are unique, wire-free, and battery-powered. With the correct installation, you will reduce the installation costs because you will not run wires in every building within your property. The Salto system integrates with the existing building management or security applications for a complete, easy-to-manage approach, keeping the premises safe.

Salto Access Control Propagation

How Does Salto Work?

Salto is unique when compared to many other systems as it uses a Data on Card system. Special wired readers known as hotspots update a card’s details when it is presented to the hotspot. When that card is presented to each subsequent offline lock, that lock is updated. These updates could be allowing or preventing a specific user from opening a door. This allows access changes to disperse across a large amount of offline locks quickly and easily.

Salto has a large variety of products to suit many scenarios. These include:

  • Wide and Slim Door Handles
  • Padlocks & Cam Locks
  • Access Control Readers (to control a Maglock or Electric Strike)

Salto credentials can also be added to phones, which can then use Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) to unlock doors, negating the need for a fob entirely.


Salto Access Control Melbourne

Reasons to Install a Salto Access Control System in Melbourne

If you are looking for an access control solution that balances cost with functionality, a Salto access control system is the way to go. The system can use Bluetooth or a mobile phone network for real-time connectivity. The benefits provided by a Salto access control system make it a wise investment for growing businesses and established corporations. It also provides a seamless, keyless experience with mobile technology and expertise in securely applying wireless electronic locking solutions.

As professionals, we know that physical keys can be easily lost or copied, which might be expensive to replace. Smart access is safer, more secure, and simpler to manage. Salto access control solutions provide security reassurance for everyone on site while protecting assets and equipment. We are appropriately licensed and insured, and our employees have cleared police and ASIO screenings (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). We provide exceptional service to all our clients, distinguishing us from other security-related companies. 

Contact us for a Salto access control in Melbourne to keep uninvited guests out of your premises. 


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