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Corporate Locksmiths Melbourne operates from its centrally located office in Abbotsford. Chosen for its location in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD and major arterial roads to all Melbourne suburbs.  

Corporate Locksmiths has the ability to give rapid response mobile and emergency locksmiths services and electronic security. Corporate Locksmiths has been a trusted provider since 1975 within the commercial industries of Melbourne.

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Corporate Locksmiths has supplied Melbourne and the surrounds with quality and innovative locksmiths supplies for 30 years. Our highly experienced team are always ready to assist you in your locksmiths needs. From general lock supply, fitting, service and replacement to restricted master key system design and implementation, we provide a wide variety of locksmiths services to meet your needs. 

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Restricted System Basics A Restricted system uses security key blanks which are only available from the locksmith or business that designed and installed the system. In order to request a new key for a restricted system, the person's identification must be verified. Generally speaking, only people who are authorised in the locksmith's database are allowed to receive keys for that system.Becoming authorised for that system generally entails filling out a form & giving your signature to the locksmith so that when you request keys, they can verify it is you that made the request. These authorised people are called signatories...

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