New Firmware Update

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New Firmware Update

Exciting updates are happening in the smart lock world. At Corporate Locksmiths, we want to provide the latest news and updates when it comes to the smart lock market. One of the latest updates is the firmware changes within the TTLock app.

Our newest products feature these new changes. This update takes the smart lock management within the app to the next level. Some of the major changes include customisable lock sounds, incorporated Amazon and Google Home integration through the app, changeable door opening direction. 

A Closer Look At Door Opening Direction Feature

The door opening direction feature is available in the latest deadbolt range (CL280BF). This feature enables you to select the door opening direction from within the TTLock App rather than manually via the lock. 

You can find this in the settings of the deadbolt lock once installed. 

Smart Lock SettingsSmart Lock Settings


Connect Amazon Alexa or Google Home With Ease

TTLock has taken in feedback from consumers and made it easier than ever to connect Amazon Alexa and Google Home to your smart lock. This feature enables you to assimilate your smart lock into your home automation by using voice control and the features of the apps on your smart lock. For example you can say "Hey Google, unlock front door" from the couch, without having to get up to unlock the door when the kids arrive home. 

Within the settings of the smart lock, the app gives you detailed steps and pre-requisites needed in order to set up this feature. This includes the software name "ScienerSmart", the "Remote Unlock" switch conveniently located as well as the supported countries and step by step instructions


You can check out our smart lock range here. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team members with any questions or concerns you have. 

Please note that this firmware update cannot be updated in older smart locks, it is only available in the latest smart lock product range.


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