What can a Smart Lock do?

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What can a Smart Lock do?

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular for Australians. They create a new home security experience with customisation features and functionality. Not only does this take convenience to the next level, but smart locks can enhance your security and peace of mind. 

With many smart locks on the market, here are a few smart lock features to look out for when shopping for the perfect smart lock for you:


Remote Control Operation

It's important to consider whether the smart lock you are purchasing is compatible with a smart phone app. This enables you to manage your lock from the comfort of your own phone. You can add/delete user access, monitor who enters and alert you to any activity. 

Connect to Wi-Fi 

Similar to remote control operation, locks that enable them to connect to WiFi in addition to Bluetooth enables you to operate and manage your lock remotely. While standard smart locks require you to be within 2 metres of the lock, connecting to WiFi enables you to manage or view the history of the smart lock from wherever you are in the world. 


Multiple Keyless Entry Options

Multiple entry options are great, it gives you many options to choose the option that works best for the individual. This promotes ease of use and greater security. Unlock options could include smart phone, remote unlocking, custom pin codes, cards, fobs, voice control, smart watch, fingerprint and remote control.


Customisable Pin Codes

Being able to set up pin codes are according to your needs is really important. Not every individual may need the same level and frequency of access to your property. Customisable pin codes enable you to give individual users tailored access according to your needs. For example, permanent, timed, one-off and recurring. Limitations to these codes can be set. This can include specific days of the week or specific hours where the code will work.


Push Notifications

Smart locks that work alongside an app are more likely to enable you to receive push notifications. Be notified when someone unlocks the lock, if you have been sent an eKey or even be notified if someone is attempting to tamper with your smart lock. 


Integrated Home Automation

Intergrate your smart home automation platform into your smart lock operation. Many locks support Google, Amazon and Apple. Buy purchasing a smart lock that supports these platforms, you can manage your smart lock via voice control, taking your smart lock to the next level. 


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