How to determine the back set of your door

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How to determine the back set of your door

When it comes to choosing the right door lock or latch, one critical factor often overlooked is the backset of your door. In this guide, we'll unravel the mystery of backsets, exploring what they are, why they matter for door locks and latches, and how measure the backset of your door.

What's the Backset of a Door?

The backset of a door is essentially the distance between the edge of the door

and the center of the bore hole (the hole drilled to accommodate the spindle in the latch). It's a crucial measurement to ensure that your door hardware aligns correctly, providing both security and functionality. 

Why Are Backsets Important for Door Locks and Latches?

  1. Proper Functionality: The backset determines the positioning of the lock or latch, ensuring it engages with the door frame components seamlessly. An accurate backset measurement is essential for the smooth operation of your door hardware.

  2. Security: Incorrect backset measurements may result in misalignment, compromising the security features of your lock. A precise fit ensures that the bolt or latch extends fully into the strike plate, enhancing the overall security of your entry points.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Properly aligned door hardware not only enhances functionality but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. A well-fitted lock or latch complements the design of your door and surrounding architecture.

How to measure the back set of your door:

Check the image to the left and see where the "backset" is located on a standard door. Use this diagram to locate the centre of the borehole. Then measure from

the centre the borehole to the edge of the door frame as pictured. This will provide you with the backset measurement of your door. 




Choosing the Right Backset for Your Door: Tips and Considerations

  1. Measure Twice, Install Once: Before purchasing a lock or latch, measure the backset of your door accurately. Measure from the center of the bore hole to the door's edge, ensuring precision.

  2. Consult Product Documentation: Check the product specifications of your chosen lock or latch. Manufacturers often provide guidance on the compatible backset measurements for their products.

  3. Consider Your Door Type: Different doors may have different backset requirements. Be aware of the distinctions between interior and exterior doors, as well as residential and commercial doors.

Understanding the backset of your door is a fundamental step in selecting the right door hardware. By paying attention to this often-overlooked detail, you ensure that your locks and latches not only provide security but also function seamlessly, contributing to the overall efficiency and aesthetics of your entryways. Unlock peace of mind with the perfect backset for your doors.

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