Four Benefits of Smart Technology

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Four Benefits of Smart Technology

As smart technology becomes more accessible to everyone, it is becoming easier than ever to incorporate smarter and more secure solutions into your home or office. While there are so many benefits of smart secure, ranging from convenience to security and even aesthetics - this post will touch just a few of the many reasons why every home and business should incorporate smart technology.


With smart technology and products, you can take ordinary products to the next level. Smart locks give you greater control and convenience as you can unlock/lock your door remotely as well as grant and remove access in real-time even whilst not on site. Most smart products are also compatible with AI assistants such as Google and Amazon Alexa which adds another dimension of convenience to your home or office.

Examples of Smart Technology

- smart locks

- smart lights

- smart appliances (kettles, ovens, power boards, fridges)

- heating/cooling systems

- blinds

- security cameras

- sound systems, TVs, speakers

- security cameras

- locks


Smart appliances and products can be easily managed and operated via smartphone apps such as Tuya and TTLock. This enables users to easily managed their devices from the comfort of their smart phone. You don't have to worry about carrying around an extra device or learning a new in-built system. Instead, most smart devices today can be incorporated into your smart device system such as Apple and Android phones.

For example, smart lights can turn on and off at set times whilst you are away on vacation to give the appearance that you are home whilst away.

Smart Lock Range of Products At Corporate Locksmiths

In addition to this, smart locks provide a great variety of alternative unlocking methods that don't require ensuring you have a physical key with you at all times. Unlock methods can include:

- fingerprint

- smart phone

- pin code

- fobs

- cards

- remotely

If you're interested in transitioning from a traditional lock that requires you to have a key with you whenever you leave the house, to a smart and convenient lock, check out our range of smart locks here. 


In terms of both crime security and accident prevention security, home automation can prevent accidents such as accidentally leaving the oven or heater on or having to drive back home to check you shut the garage door when you leave for holidays.

Security camera technology has even progressed such that users can access real-time footage from their smart phones. Brands such as Hikvision will send push notifications when individuals enter view. With Hikvision, the latest range of CCTV even includes a built-in mic and speaker. This way, you can take deterring intruders to a whole new level, informing them in real-time that you are aware of their intrusion and that the authorities are on their way. 


Smart appliances and products have been found to have greater efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. Rather than leaving lights or speakers on 24/7 when they are not in use, simply efficiently program to operate only when needed to save on your energy bill.

With the cost of living increasing each quarter, there has never been a better time to take control of your expenditure. By controlling your devices and appliances remotely, you can schedule 'ON' and 'OFF' periods, giving you more control over the things you spend your money on and when. To learn more about the ins and outs of smart technology for saving money, check out the Wirecutter's post here.


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