TTLock + Google Home - How to connect your smart lock to Google Home

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TTLock + Google Home - How to connect your smart lock to Google Home

This article will provide some tips and advice as well as walk you through connecting your smart lock to your Google Home automation app.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence–powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Available on both iOS and Android devices.


What can I do by connecting my smart lock to Google Home?

By connecting your smart lock to Google Home you can unlock greater control and convenience. Using the Gateway WiFi bridge, users can interact with their lock using their voice to command actions. You can interact with your Smart Lock/Lever with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using voice commands. The lock must be connected to Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge. 


How do I configure my lock onto the Google Home app?

1. Ensure you have downloaded both the Google Home app and the TTLock app.

2. In the Google Home app, click the '+' in the top left corner.

3. Then click the blue '+' that is titled "Set Up Device".

4. Click the second option that says 'Works with Google'

5. Then search 'Sciencer' in the search bar to link the device to your Google Home.

6. Log in to Sciencer using the same credentials you use to sign into your TTLock account.

7. Ensure that the gateway is connected to the same network.

8. Once Sciencer is connected any smart locks connected to the Gateway should become available and connected. 

9. Lastly, to enable remote unlock from Google Assistant head to TTLock app. 

10. On the front page click the menu to the left had side. 

11.  Click the last option 'Work With'

12. Then select Google

13. Click 'turn on' and enter a passcode you will remember. 


All our smart Bluetooth locks are compatible with Google Assistant, check out range today.