What is a Restricted System?

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What is a Restricted System?

Restricted System Basics

A Restricted system uses security key blanks which are only available from the locksmith or business that designed and installed the system. In order to request a new key for a restricted system, the person's identification must be verified. Generally speaking, only people who are authorised in the locksmith's database are allowed to receive keys for that system.

Becoming authorised for that system generally entails filling out a form & giving your signature to the locksmith so that when you request keys, they can verify it is you that made the request. These authorised people are called signatories for that system. Most restricted systems are patent protected & are not allowed to be copied, meaning that the supply of the keys is limited.

Simply adding "DO NOT COPY" to your keys will do little to deter anyone from doing just that. However, many trustworthy locksmiths respect restricted keying. If someone comes to their shop with a restricted key that they did not issue, they will inform the customer that they need to go to the original locksmith. Following this code of honour respects other locksmiths & customers. Restricted systems are designed to be difficult to copy & get right. The technologies are ever changing which makes it harder to duplicate a system. A locksmith often needs to have a license given to them by the system manufacturer that allows them to buy the keying tools.

BiLock Systems

A BiLock System has keys which look like the one to the right. These keys have two sets of ridges, that both face upwards. Newer BiLock Exclusive systems also have two small pins near the head of the key that must also be correct in order to unlock the lock. Cutting a BiLock key requires two specific machines to cut the two sets of ridges, & then bend the key into the shape pictured (Right).


By making innovative key designs & patenting them, companies can ensure that there is minimal chance of the keys being copied easily.

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