Security Tips for the Holiday Season

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Security Tips for the Holiday Season

As the end of the year comes near families are starting to think about taking time off to enjoy a holiday. This time of year is the most popular time for going on holidays. However, because of that criminals also know that this time of year means people may not be home. The perfect opportunity for them to capitalize on your Christmas cheer. 

This is when simple tips, tricks and products come in handy to ensure that your home is protected.

1 Install A Deadbolt

Having a deadbolt is a simple way to better protect your home from intruders. Deadbolts can make it more difficult for intruders. However it is important that every entry point to your home is also secure for the deadbolt to be effective. 


2 Use a Smart Lock Gateway

You could be in the Maldives or maybe South America and you can still control your home! By using a Gateway it enables you to check the status of your smart lock or Garage door. Giving you peace of mind knowing when your house is entered into. 


3 Home Automation

One common method criminals use is to look for houses that look empty where no one is home. But even if you are in another country you can set up your house and systems to ensure that it looks as though someone is home - even when you’re not. Smart devices such as Google Home or Alexa enable you to turn on and off lights, music, plugs, sprinklers and appliances remotely without having to be at the house.


4 Get a House Sitter or Friend

Get a family member or friend to stay at your house whilst away. This enables you to ensure your house is constantly checked by a trusted person. If not a house sitter, getting a friend  to check the mail, put the rubbish bins out and mow the lawns when you are away for an extended period of time is a great way to prevent intruders. 

To find out more about how to better protect your home, business or office this holiday season head to or contact us today!

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