One simple step to increase your home security

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One simple step to increase your home security

Keeping thieves out of your home is not the only purpose of smart locks. Equally, smart locks act as deterrents to prevent thieves from breaking in from the outset. They can track whenever a door is opened or closed in a home and by whom. So if the kids need to be home by a certain time you’ll know, or keep track of when the cleaner enters and leaves your home.

Smart locks have transformed our daily lives as well as how we safeguard our homes. They provide strong, reliable security which leaves you with peace of mind knowing you are protected whilst providing convenience within your daily life. 

Our smart lock technology uses Wi-Fi with a smartphone app called ‘TTLock’ which enables you to control and operate your lock from your smartphone using a bridge. These locks can also be connected to popular voice assistants to further home automation. 

While these locks are safe and reliable, we do not sacrifice style and aesthetic to achieve this. Instead, our locks are stylish which can add to your home, complimenting your design. With more than just one way to unlock your door, smart locks enable you to use your smartphone, pin code, fingerprint or card to unlock your door. 

Beyond unlocking the door, these smart locks provide further protection and control to you, without adding more inconvenience to your life! Feel at peace knowing who enters your house when. Be notified when the lock is unlocked so that you always feel secure in your home. 

These locks have been tried and tested to provide only quality products. Our range of smart locks bring innovation to convenience to provide the ultimate experience for every owner and every home. Head to our online store today to find a lock that suits your needs.

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