How to connect TTLock Smart Lock to Amazon Alexa

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How to connect TTLock Smart Lock to Amazon Alexa


Did you know you can connect your smart lock to your Amazon Alexa devices? By unlocking this feature, it enables you to unlock your door using voice command.

Amazon Echo is initially only allowed to lock and to check the status of their device by saying:

"Alexa, lock my device"

"Alexa, is my device locked?" / "Alexa, is my device unlocked?"

However the command "Alexa, unlock my device" needs to be enabled separately.

Before connecting Amazon Alexa, be sure to have successfully set up your smart lock as well as the gateway device as this feature requires remote unlock. 


How To:

1) Go to the devices tab in the Alexa app, and tap on your smart lock 

2) Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner

3) Tap on unlock by voice. Here you will need to enter a PIN code that Alexa will ask you every time you want to unlock your smart lock to verify you are authorised to do so. You will be prompted to confirm this decision by logging in to your Alexa account.

Now you are able to unlock your smart lock by linked to your Amazon Alexa device.

- "Alexa, unlock the front door

- After this Alexa will prompt you for the PIN code you entered above. Once you tell her the correct pin your smart lock will unlock.

Please Note: Unlocking your smart lock via voice command is not available in every country. Please check if it is available for your country and location by trying to connect your smart lock device to Alexa. 


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