6 Security Tips to Protect Your Business

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6 Security Tips to Protect Your Business

1. 'Smart' Technology

Invest in products and devices that work with one another as this makes it easy to automate your business. By doing so, systems and processes can be streamlined within your business to make you and your team more efficient and effective. 


CCTV enables 24/7 Surveillance of your Property. CCTV enables you to record any criminal activity that occurs on your property which makes it easier to involve law enforcement as you have video footage. In addition to this, CCTV acts as a deterrent as some intruders are less likely to target properties that visibly have CCTV installed. Access live footage from phone leaving you with peace of mind even when you are not physically at the property.

3. Asset Keys

Keep track of who has keys and where they have access. This is the easiest way to protect your business' security with little effort and little cost. 

4. Bluetooth Locks

Limit the number of physical keys & fobs with Bluetooth locks. Similar to electronic locks, Bluetooth locks have a variety of unlocking methods. Such as fingerprint, pin code and mi-fare fob. They also enable you to have a record of who and when they access your business. To learn more about Bluetooth locks for your home or business read more here.

5. 'Smart' Doorbell

Smart doorbells are becoming more affordable and more Save time by communicating with deliverer from your office. Protect against thief's as your deliveries will be monitored through the in-built camera in the doorbell.

6. Industry Specific Risks

Different businesses will face different risks depending on the industry, it is important to seek professional consultation to safeguard your business.

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