Why Smart Locks?

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Why Smart Locks?

What is a smart door lock?

A smart door lock is a form of keyless security. Smart locks have become increasingly popular in many homes and businesses as a form of security and convenience. As a battery powered device it can be locked/unlocked via a smart app. Other available access options include fingerprint, keypad, key and swipe card. 

Smart locks can operate when you are in close proximity as well as remotely when using a gateway device. This enables you to unlock/lock your door remotely as well as allow access to others permanently and for a limited time. 

The aim of smart locks is to add value and convenience into your life whether it be business or personal. Some door locks can even be connected with other smart devices in your home such as Google, Amazon and Apple smart products.

Why choose smart door locks? 

Smart locks available on the market in Australia make use of technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi whilst being powered by batteries. This means that in an event of a power outage your security is never compromised. Another concern people voice is the battery life of the batteries and the fear of being locked out due to battery failure. To safeguard against this the smart app will notify you when the batteries in your locks are running low. 

The ability to control your home or business remotely is an enticing feature. You remain in control of your lock wherever you are. This feature also allows you to manage who has access remotely. This feature is perfect for business owners with offices working from home as it allows you to monitor who has access and when. 

This feature also means no more copying keys! Chasing up past employees or users and hassle of when keys are lost. Simply delete the users access when they no longer require access. 

Smart locks and security

While there are many different smart locks on the market, it is important to choose the right lock for your needs and use. Conducting proper research and understanding how to use the lock correctly is crucial in ensuring the smart lock remains secure. 


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