Workplace Key Management: Why is it important?

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Workplace Key Management: Why is it important?

In the corporate environment buildings and offices are often home to many coinciding workplaces. This often produces frequent traffic such as employees, clients, visitors and contractors. Employers and managers are often tasked with managing and maintaining the security of the building/workplace. This includ

es key control which is a topic that managers and business owners should be aware of. ‘Key Control Management’ simply means having systems and processes in place that ensure assets, people, spaces and information are protected. 

The following are 10 steps to consider when ensuring your business instils key control management:

  1. Identify the gaps in your current security processes
  2. Create a master key system
  3. Rekey your facility
  4. Have staff agree to a key holder agreement
  5. Conduct training for employees
  6. Implement system for lost or stolen keys
  7. Have a detailed database of who has access and to what they have access to
  8. Use trusted resources and service providers
  9. Ensure systems are up to date
  10. Consider smart Bluetooth locks which reduce access information from being unlawfully distributed

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