Why your business needs CCTV

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Why your business needs CCTV

In today's day and age, CCTV has never been more accessible and convenient. Not only to source and install but also to manage and operate. At Corporate Locksmiths, we specialise in CCTV installation, servicing, replacement and maintenance. This post aims to educate Australian business owners on the benefits of investing in CCTV for your business.

But what is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, also known as video surveillance. These systems use software and hardware to capture and record video footage that it then transmits to a monitor or smart phone to display in real-time what is occurring on the camera. 

Deter Intruders

One of the easiest and most enticing reasons for any business owner to invest in CCTV is to deter intruders and crime. Just by simply installing a reliable CCTV system, this can deter potential criminals from performing illegal activity on your property simply by seeing that you have surveillance. Modern technology also enables sirens and lights to be activated when certain objects such as humans enter a specific area set out on the camera. The Hikvision Acusense range not only notifies you when humans, cars, animals (depending on what you wish to monitor) etc trigger the camera, this series also enables you to communicate with the individual on the other side of the camera in real-time to further deter criminal activity. 

Peace Of Mind

There are a lot of things to think about and worry about as a business owner. By installing CCTV, there is one less thing to worry about. Cameras can make you and your staff feel comfortable knowing that there is constant and reliable surveillance. 

Use For Evidence

Whether it be an internal altercation or criminal activity that has occurred on your property, CCTV is a reliable and affordable way to not only identify and apprehend the criminal but it can also be used by the police through out their investigation. This can be beneficial not only for your business but also the neighbouring properties near by.

Employee Productivity

Whether you own a retail store, restaurant. warehouse or office, employee efficiency can be improved by the presence of CCTV. Studies show that by installing CCTV within workplaces, employees are more productive and focused during their working hours. Managers and employers can work with peace of mind knowing that although they may not have their eye on all employees all the time, they can look back on footage should they need to check up on any employees. 

Insurance Benefits

Just by installing CCTV, you can reduce your insurance by 5-10%. Coupled with an all-encompassing security system. insurance could be reduced further. Insurance can be expensive yet important to have. By simply installing CCTV, you can cut costs and save some money whilst also having peace of mind knowing that should you need to use your insurance, you can provide CCTV to support your insurance claim.


Invest in your business

These points above are just a few of the many reasons why businesses should look to invest in CCTV for their business. It is important to also consider the brand and installer for your CCTV as not all cameras are created equal. Some cameras have more suitable functions and features while cheap cameras can last a short amount of time and yield unreliable when needed most.

If you're looking to install CCTV at your business and want to learn more about what cameras are right for your business or how many your business requires for adequate surveillance, contact our team today or request a free quote. 

Our qualified and experienced locksmiths are happy to assist you choosing the correct smart lock for your needs. For more information and assistance in selecting the correct smart lock please contact our team here.


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