What Is TTLock?

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What Is TTLock?

Learn more about the software powering your smart lock.


TTLock Smart Phone App
TTLock is a management software that works with Corporate Locksmith's smart lock range. It can be used to manage multiple locks across multiple facilities. The app communicates with the smart lock via Bluetooth. Through the app, you can lock, unlock, upgrade hardware and read a real-time audit trail of those who access your smart lock.


User Management

TTLock enables you to send eKeys and customised pin codes to
those who require access to your lock. As an administrator, you
set the pin code to last one-time, specific days or permanent.
User access can be deleted by the admin when required.
Sharing access to the lock is as easy as setting the permissions for
the person, and sending them a QR code, or number. After they
set up their account and accept the share request, they will have
access for as long as you specified. This can be one-time access,
until a certain date, or permanent.
TTLock brings an excellent smart lock management system.
It allows for an easy set-up process with simple and easy to use
operations. To view blog posts, youtube videos, step-by-step
tutorials on using TTLock with our range of smart locks, head to

How to Pair Smart Lock

To pair your phone to a lock.
  • Download and install the TTLock app, and register for an account. This requires entering your phone number and entering a verification code.
  • Click “Add Lock” inside the TTLock app, and choose the type of lock you would like to set up. (in this case a door lock)
    Pairing Lock TTLock Corporate Locksmiths
  • Touch the keypad of the lock to wake it and put the lock in pairing mode.
  • Select the lock inside the TTLock app.
  • From here, the smart lock is now connected, simply set the lock up as desired. 

After this, the app will prompt you to name the lock and then give you settings for the lock.
Once you get in range of the door, just open the app and press the unlock button to open the door. The door can be set to auto-lock after a custom time.

The TTLock app is well suited for homes, Airbnb, rental properties and offices. Access can be sent to someone who has booked the property, meaning no key has to be left out in an insecure location.

To find more of our resources, tips, tutorials and product range, click here.


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