What is Interlocking?

Interlocking systems (sometimes called "mantraps") are a form of security that locks down a set of two doors and an adjoining room, so that only one can be open at a time.

Interlocking works by locking one door while another is open. This is somewhat similar to an airlock that you may see in a cleanroom, hazardous area (nuclear reactor/biohazard research), submarine or space stations. Only one door is able to be opened in these situations, then, once the air pressure is equalised/decontamination is complete, the other door opens. If both doors were able to be opened at once, hazardous materials could leave a containment zone, or pressure loss/flooding could occur.

For some areas it may be important to keep an area secure (data centres/server rooms/security offices). Using an interlocking "mantrap" system can improve security in important areas. An interlocked set of doors means that only one door can be open at any one time.

This could be extremely useful for instance at a zoo or childcare centre. Opening one door locks the second door, until the first is closed again. At this point, the second door is again able to be opened. This prevents animals or children accidentally sneaking out of the enclosure/childcare centre.

Interlocking can also be used to secure high risk areas (banks/jewellery stores). A person enters the antechamber and is not allowed to exit until a guard has verified their identity/whether they have stolen items.



Note the lights above & keypad to the right. 


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