What can a Smart Lock do?

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What can a Smart Lock do?

Smart locks have created a new home security experience with customization features and functionality designed to give you control over what happens to your home. They go way beyond the capabilities of ordinary locks.

Many come with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which increases the ability to use remote features. If a smart lock had only Bluetooth connectivity, you'd have connection problems if your front door was too far from your smart home hub.

Here are some important smart lock features to look for:

Offer Remote Control Via an App

Most smart home locks have iOS and Android apps that allow you to control the lock remotely from your mobile device, monitor comings and goings, and alert you to any activity.

Connect to Wi-Fi for Real-Time Monitoring

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you view entry and exit logs in real-time, so you always know who has come and left your home, and when. This is an important feature for parents who want to make sure their kids have arrived home safely from school.

Connect Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity helps your smart lock recognize you by connecting with your smartphone and unlocking your door as you approach.

Utilize Multiple Keyless Entry Options

Multiple keyless entry options could include proximity unlocking with your smartphone, remote unlocking with your smartphone, custom code numbers for anyone who needs to enter your home, voice commands, and touch or fingerprint recognition.

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