Want to buy a smart lock but don't know where to start?

Want to buy a smart lock but don't know where to start?

It can feel daunting when there are so many options and features to consider when investing in a smart lock. Our range of smart locks enable you to unlock your doors securely and conveniently through the TTLock app on your smart phone as well as fingerprint, pin code, fob or remotely*. Not only do smart locks give you greater control and security, they also enable you to extend digital keys to friends, family, employees, guests or contractors who require access. 

While all our smart locks include the above features that is not to say all smart locks are the same. It can be tricky to navigate if you're new to smart technology or know little about locksmithing. But today we hope to demonstrate how you can discern the right lock for you and the smart lock options we offer. 

Common Types of Traditional Locks

  • Mortice Lock
  • Deadbolt
  • Lever Set
  • Key & Knob Lock
  • Sliding Door Lock (Hook Bolt) 

Our Range Of Smart Locks

Corporate Locksmiths Smart Lock Range


The back set is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the spindle hole. Your backset is important because knowing this distance is

important because it determines the proper length of your door latch and can determine which smart lock best suits your door. To determine what lock is best for you, one of the most important measurement is the backset. You can measure this by referring to image one in the guide below. The most common backset is 60mm however the backset varies based on the lock type and brand currently installed in your door. 


Wide Body Locks

Wider locks like the CL835B need a larger backset. If the backset is too small the side of the lock will hang over the edge of the door when installed. 

The 6072 has a 60mm backset & is suited for swing doors. It includes a latch, deadlatching trigger & deadbolt. It can be installed on interior & exterior timber/metal doors.

The 5572 has a 55mm backset & is suited for sliding doors. It uses a rotating hook to lock the door.

The lock will also function with any existing mortice lock, with a backset from 40-65mm.

E.g. The Lockwood 3572 60mm backset mortice lock.

These locks can also be installed with an existing 60/70mm backset tubular latch.

This table can assist you when determining which wide body smart lock is suitable for your door. 

Model Backset Lock Depth Faceplate Length Locking Features
6072 Swing 60mm 90mm 236mm Latch with Deadlatching trigger, Bolt
5572 Swing 55mm 84mm 236mm Latch, Bolt
3585 Swing 35mm 52mm 241mm Latch, Bolt
3585 Sliding 35mm 52mm 241mm Sliding Door Hook


Slim Locks

Slim form factor locks are able to be installed in more cramped conditions. For instance on a glass door with a metal frame.

For slim form factor locks like the CL410B, short backset locks are more commonly used. 

The lock will also function with an existing mortice lock, such as the short backset 23mm Lockwood 3782.

 Examples of Smart Lock Conversions

Smart Lock Examples Corporate Locksmiths

Understanding the Measurements

Mortice Lock Overview


Your intended purpose for the lock and environment of installation must be considered. Whether it will be installed inside or outside or in a frequently accessed area must be considered. To find out more about the features of the locks view our product range here.  


One important thing to consider is the coverage required by the new lock when fitting to a pre-exsting lock. If you are installing the smart lock to a fresh fit, there is no need to worry about coverage as you can install the lock as you wish. However, where there is a pre-existing lock be sure to consider any holes left from the previous lock that may show using the new lock. If you are concerned about this you can contact our team and we can assist you in ensuring the lock will meet your needs.

 Measuring Smart Lock Coverage || Corporate Locksmiths

Taking Measurements

By taking these few measurements our team can assist you in selecting the right lock for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Smart Lock Corporate Locksmiths


 Our qualified and experienced locksmiths are happy to assist you choosing the correct smart lock for your needs. For more information and assistance in selecting the correct smart lock please contact our team here.

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