The Future of Home Automation

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The Future of Home Automation

Many companies have now created automated systems and technology to integrate into your home to make it a fully automated home - commonly known as a smart home. Home automation not only makes your life easier but also increases your security measures. From climate control, lighting, Bluetooth

locks, appliances, security systems and entertainment systems -

home automation can be integrated into your home. 

When setting up a smart home it is ideal to have a central control from which all other devices stem from such as through a smartphone. You can use your smartphone to activate and deactivate a device such as a light or a security system. If you leave the house and forget to turn off the heating or a light you can simply check using your smart device, saving your time and giving you peace of mind. 

There are four types of smart home devices. Infrared devices are connected to a heat source such as a heating or cooling system. Wireless devices are built into the walls and set up on timers and out of the wall devices are installed and controlled simply, compatible with many tech products and lights. 

For example you can integrate TTLock and Google Home together to make your life easier. Simply say ‘Hey Google… open the garage door’ and your door will open remotely - without raising a finger! 

At Corporate Locksmiths, our range of Bluetooth smart locks can be integrated into your smart home. This allows you to control who has access to your property and when. In addition, connecting your locks to your automated home

system enables easier access via your smartphone, voice control or your smart watch.

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