Smart Vs Mechanical Key Safe

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Smart Vs Mechanical Key Safe

The SecEsafe Key Safe takes security and convenience to a new level.

Mechanical Key Safes can be a security threat with an easy to crack 4 digit pin code. With the SecEsafe Key Safe you can manage custom pincodes from your smart phone via the TTLock app. This gives you greater control as you can track who accesses the key safe and when. Not only can you give custom pin codes, you can also create and delete pin codes remotely via the gateway device (sold separately).

Often, mechanical key safes become weathered over time due to constant exposure to heat, cold and rain. This can make it difficult to enter the pin code into the key safe as the numbers become stiff from weather exposure. The SecEsafe key safe is IP66 rated with a robust design in order to withstand the climate.

With the SecEsafe Key Safe, facility management or Airbnb management can become hassle-free. You no longer need to go onsite to deliver the keys to a contractor or guest. You also do not need to give the same code to every person and therefore compromising the property's security. Instead you can give a custom code direct to the individual. You can set the pin code for the desired duration, for example a once off pin code or a pin code that expires after 5 days. 

Live with peace of mind knowing your property is secured and safe without having to take time out of your busy schedule to do so. Simply use the smart phone app to check who has opened it and when.

To find out more about the SecEsafe Key Safe and how it can be of benefit for your home, Airbnb, facility management, construction, business or car visit our store today.

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