Smart locks for office management

Smart locks offer several benefits for office management, making them a valuable tool for enhancing security, convenience, and efficiency. Read below to find out some of the many reasons why smart locks are good for office management. If you're interested in investing in smart locks for your office or business, speak to our team today.

Enhanced Security 

SecEsafe range of smart locks use advanced encryption and authentication methods, making them more secure than traditional locks. Access to the office can be controlled through eKeys, custom pin codes or biometric authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry and improving overall security.

Access Control 

Smart locks allow administrators to grant and revoke access remotely, providing better control over who can enter the office and when. This feature is particularly useful for granting temporary access to visitors, contractors, or employees working on flexible schedules.

Activity Tracking

The SecEsafe range of Smart locks come with activity logs that record who entered the office and at what time. These logs can be helpful for monitoring employee attendance, tracking movements in case of security incidents, producing access records or investigating any unusual activities.

Remote Management

Office managers or administrators can control the smart lock remotely through the TTLock app, available on Android and iOS. TTLock also provides an online desktop version. This ability enables them to lock or unlock doors from anywhere, granting access to authorised personnel without requiring physical presence.

Integration with Other Systems 

Smart locks can be integrated with other office management systems, such as security cameras, alarm systems, and attendance tracking software such as Sine. This seamless integration helps create a comprehensive security ecosystem and streamlines office management tasks.

Keyless Entry

Smart locks eliminate the need for traditional keys, reducing the risk of key loss, duplication, or unauthorised copying and access. Employees can use their smartphones, access cards, or biometrics to unlock doors, which adds an extra layer of convenience.

Time-Sensitive Access

Smart locks can be programmed to provide time-sensitive access, limiting entry during specific hours or granting temporary access for a predetermined period. This feature is especially useful for granting access to cleaners or maintenance personnel during non-business hours.

Notifications and Alerts

The SecEsafe range of smart locks can send real-time notifications and push notifications straight to the office managers phone when someone unlocks the smart lock or attempts unauthorised access. This ensures that potential security breaches are addressed promptly.


While smart locks may have higher upfront costs compared to traditional locks, they can lead to cost savings in the long run. Reduced expenses on rekeying, key replacement, and lock maintenance can make smart locks a cost-effective solution for office management and access control.

Modern Image

Implementing smart locks in an office environment showcases a commitment to modern technology and security, which can positively impact the image of the company among employees, clients, and visitors. In addition to this, the aesthetic and modern appeal of smart locks make them a great choice as the smart lock can suit the needs of your office space. 



    Overall, smart locks provide a versatile and efficient solution for office management, combining enhanced security, access control, and convenience in one integrated system.

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