SecEsafe Key Safe For Facility Management

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SecEsafe Key Safe For Facility Management

The SecEsafe Key Safe takes security and convenience to a new level.

The SecEsafe Smart Keysafe offers an easy and secure solution for facility managers to manage access to their properties. With the ability to create one-time and timed codes, facility managers can control who has access to their properties and when. This eliminates the need for physical keys that can be easily lost or stolen. Additionally, the Smart Key Safe is easy to install and user-friendly, making it a great solution for facility management.

No More Mechanical Key Safes

Mechanical Key Safes can be a security threat with an easy to crack 4 digit pin code. With the SecEsafe Key Safe you can manage custom pin codes from your smart phone via the TTLock app. This gives you greater control as you can track who accesses the key safe and when. Not only can you give custom pin codes, you can also create and delete pin codes remotely via the gateway device (sold separately).

Often, mechanical key safes become weathered over time due to constant exposure to heat, cold and rain. This can make it difficult to enter the pin code into the key safe as the numbers become stiff from weather exposure. The SecEsafe key safe is IP66 rated with a robust design in order to withstand the climate.

Easy & Effective Management

With SecEsafe Smart Key Safe you can manage facilities effectively and securely whilst making it a convenient process for your management team. The large IP66 rated key safe can be operated via Bluetooth using the TTLock app available on iOS and Android. The smart phone app enables managers to send and delete access codes to the keysafe in real-time when used alongside the SecEsafe gateway.

We have installed a large number of smart key safes across facilities in Melbourne. This has enabled facility managers to manage access to properties in a smart, efficient and secure manner

. Managers can create custom pin codes for contractors or visitors. These can be permanent, timed or once off pin codes to suit the needs of the user. Audit trails can be accessed through the smart phone app. This enables managers to access records of who accessed specific properties and when they access the property. 

How it works

The SecEsafe smart key safe operates via Bluetooth and can be managed using the TTLock smartphone app. Facility managers can use the app to easily control user access to the keysafe. This includes adding and removing users as well as accessing audit trails to view access history. The SecEsafe keysafe can also be managed remotely when used with the SecEsafe Gateway. 

This smart keysafe also allows facility managers to store keys securely on-site, and grant access remotely to visitors or contractors as needed. This eliminates the need for managers to physically be on site each time access is required, saving them time and providing peace of mind that keys are being kept secure.

Generous Storage & Customisable Access

The key safe is designed to fit credit-card-sized smart cards and multiple keyrings with keys & fobs to enable contractors or visitors to access the necessary items in an easy and efficient manner. The key safe can be used in a variety of environments including wall-mounted as well as large and small doorknob mounts.

To find out more about the SecEsafe Key Safe and how it can be of benefit for your home, Airbnb, facility management, construction, business or car visit our store today.


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