SALTO KS - Cloud-based smart access control

SALTO KS - Cloud-based smart access control

Salto KS

Flexible cloud-based smart access solution that fits your business’ needs.

SALTO KS is a cloud-based smart access solution designed for businesses. It can be suited to your business needs as scalable and flexible access control. SALTO’s state of the art technology brings reliability and stability to your business. You can now do more with SALTO KS than with mechanical key access. 

SALTO KS offers a variety of methods to open your doors, including with a digital key as well as a wide range of keyless methods to improve the user experience and promote ease of use whilst not compromising on security. 


SALTO KS gives you full control from the web app or mobile app. Both methods can be used to keep track of events, remotely unlock or block users on the go, with all doorsm users and locations managed from a single place. 

You no longer have to physically be at the office to manage access control. Not only does this reduce unnecessary man-hours and costs but it leaves you with peace of mind knowing you can manage access from anywhere at any time. 


SALTO KS cloud technology enables security to operate remotely. With faster responses and smoother experience, users are given for control and flexibility when remotely monitoring access.  From any location you can use the mobile


SALTO KS allows you to keep track of who goes where and when. You can even be notified for specific events enabling you to always be up to date. There’s no need to update or replace your smart lock if an entry fob is stolen or lost. Instead, simply block the user's access and assign new ones instantly.


SALTO is an industry leader in access control. The SALTO KS enables you to integrate your security through a smart and easy to install wireless electronic door lock. 

  • Offer your users well-designed spaces with the comfort of their own fully-furnished private apartment equipped with smart locks.
  • With SALTO KS self-check-in keyless access, you can provide guests, suppliers, or visitors access to your property and their room with a PIN code – and they do not even have to download an app!
  • Let tenants manage their own space with the Pod functionality, relieving you from unnecessary operations.
  • With SALTO KS, you no longer need to worry about keys given to outsiders or shared rooms with friends.
  • Keep track of who goes where and when with the activity feed. You can send customised welcome messages to first-timers, see privacy lock usage, and choose to override privacy mode in case of emergency.
  • Have automated access management based on your preferred booking system.
  • Analyse valuable data and manage and access multiple sites within the same platform with the KS mobile and desktop app.
  • Get to know your customers’ behaviour which can be used to build your community and monetise your space(s) with the 24/7 activity data.

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