Salto Access Control — Salto Security for Schools

Salto Access Control — Salto Security for Schools

Unlocking the Future of School Access: Elevate Security and Efficiency with SALTO Technology

Welcome to the next level of connectivity with your school's access control system. Corporate Locksmiths is a proud installer and service provider of SALTO Systems -cutting-edge electronic access control solutions tailored for school environments across Australia. SALTO, a trailblazer since 2001, has revolutionised access control with state-of-the-art, wire-free, and keyless solutions. While SALTO has established a significant presence in the hospitality and commercial industries, its innovative electronic locking solutions are now enhancing safety and efficiency in schools.

State-of-the-Art Access Control for Schools 

SALTO's access control technology offers a comprehensive platform designed to cover every aspect of school access, from back-of-house organisation to student and staff management. The sleek and premium electronic lock solutions seamlessly integrate with school environments, providing unprecedented flexibility and security.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

Incorporate smart technologies to drive your school's efficiency and security. SALTO's smart access solutions, whether managed through fobs or smartphones, ensure an improved experience for students, staff, and visitors. With mobile phone-operated access, SALTO not only aligns with the digital age but also opens new opportunities to enhance school operations.

Streamlined School Management

From back-of-house to front desk, SALTO's access control systems streamline school operations. The industry-specific software, proven in over 10,000 properties worldwide, offers quantifiable improvements, reducing time spent on operations and allowing more interaction with students. It automates daily functions, improves maintenance planning, and ensures quicker and more coordinated room turnover.

Elevate Your School's Aesthetic with Design

SALTO's range of electronic lock designs goes beyond functionality; it enhances your school's distinctive positioning. With high-quality materials and superb design aesthetics, SALTO's products contribute to creating a unique and secure atmosphere throughout the property.

Comprehensive 24/7 Security

Safety is paramount, and SALTO ensures comprehensive 24/7 access control which can cover the entire school property. The system offers full control in real-time, integrating seamlessly with third-party hardware/software. Enjoy peace of mind with centralised control of who can access what, when, and where. 

For example, numerous schools have discovered SALTO to be an ideal solution for promptly and securely implementing lockdowns in specific areas of the school property during safety threats. Engage in a conversation about your school's lockdown requirements with one of our dedicated SALTO technicians, ensuring that your access control solution is customised to precisely meet your needs.


Trusted Partnership with Corporate Locksmiths

If you're considering transitioning to an electronic access control system for your school, choosing the right partner is crucial. Corporate Locksmiths, a trusted partner of SALTO, understands your unique requirements and has a proven track record in implementing electronic access control solutions across Australia. Reach out to us today to explore how SALTO technology can elevate the security and efficiency of your school. Our specialised SALTO installers are ready to discuss tailored access control solutions that meet your school's needs. Invest in the future of school security with SALTO and Corporate Locksmiths. Fill in out a job request today to get in touch with our technician team today.

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