Salto Access Control — Salto Security for Hospitality

Salto Access Control — Salto Security for Hospitality


Since 2001, SALTO Systems has been delivering state-of-the-art, wire-free and keyless electronic access control solutions and has established a strong presence in the hospitality industry, developing innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions that improve guest experience, hotel management, design and security. Corporate Locksmiths has partnered alongside SALTO Systems to provide innovative and secure access control solutions to hospitality businesses across Victoria. 

SALTO’s access control technology platforms for hotels benefit the guest experience and enhance staff accessibility with unprecedented flexibility and security. The complete premium electronic lock solutions – which include sleek designs that match any hotel décor – cover every corner of the access control

spectrum from back-of-house organisation to guest room management, with one easy-to-use system for hotels of all types and sizes.



Incorporate new technologies that present exciting advantages to drive business to your hotel, providing your property with the cutting-edge technology to stand apart from the rest. 

Whether it be by easily managed fobs or even smartphones, SALTO Systems offer smart access for improved guest experience.

Mobile phones are the #1 item brought on holidays with travellers, with many hotel bookings made via a smartphone. Mobile phone operated access provides new opportunities to drive business for your hospitality business, improving both guest experience and hotel operations.  



Streamlined operations from back-of-house to front desk. Be part of the latest in hotel management, with a thorough understanding of hotel operations and guest needs while also providing the most advanced security management system for hotel properties.

Industry-specific software that includes the same proven functionality that is already helping over 10,000 hospitality properties worldwide gain and maintain industry leadership. Quantifiable improvements that mean spending less time on operations thanks to tools that more effectively manage your hotel and incidents, and automate daily functions that free up staff to allow more interaction with guests. Improves maintenance planning and makes guest room turnover quicker and more coordinated.



High quality and superb design aesthetic throughout our electronic lock range. Enhance your hotel’s distinctive positioning with SALTO’s range of product options that elevate your brand throughout the property.

Solutions for virtually every touchpoint that can affect the experience of your brand, and create unique keyless experiences for your guests. SALTO Systems offer a wide range of designs including renowned global handle manufacturers, offering unique door handles with access control solutions that flexibly adapt to complement any hotel’s style and door type.



Comprehensive 24/7 access control that covers your entire property. Achieve reliable security thanks to full integration capacities with third party hardware/software, providing safe, convenient and seamless guest access throughout the property.

Enjoy full control of who can access what, when and where in real-time, and possible integration with CCTV, fire alarm, time and attendance, or other systems, centralised in one unique hotel management platform.



When hotel guests arrive, their priority is a swift check-in experience, enabling them to maximise their time for either business or leisure purposes. This requires every aspect of the check-in process to operate seamlessly – from issuing guest cards to providing access to their room, as well as facilities like

the swimming pool and spa. SALTO has tailored specific add-ons for the Hospitality market, offering hotels a comprehensive system that effortlessly manages all aspects of access and guest services.

This adaptable system caters to hotels of varying sizes and types, enhancing the efficient utilisation of rooms, suites, and meeting spaces. The ProAccess SPACE hotel add-ons encompass features such as mobile guest keys (BLE), group check-in, real-time re-rooming, and real-time extended stay. Alongside these, the system includes other essential hotel functionalities, allowing centralised control of both guest rooms and back-of-house doors, whether online or offline.


If you find that your security and risk management present challenges, and you're contemplating a transition to an electronic access control system, selecting the right partner is crucial. You need someone who comprehends your requirements and the technology that aligns with them—a partner with a proven track record of assisting councils similar to yours in reaping the benefits of electronic access control. Corporate Locksmiths is a trusted partner of SALTO, so reach out to us to explore how we can assist you. We have implemented SALTO solutions across Australia in various public administration buildings, including town and city council facilities, state and federal administration offices and various businesses. Collaborating with carefully chosen clients and other partners, we provide a well-rounded approach to security, addressing the needs of your staff, contractors, and guests. Contact us today to speak with our specialised SALTO installers to discuss your access control solutions today.

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