Looking After Your Smart Locks

Looking After Your Smart Locks

To ensure your smart lock is functioning properly and to prevent your security from being compromised, it's important to perform routine maintenance every three months. Below, we will explain the simple steps you can take to safeguard your property and to ensure your smart lock continues to operate at its best!

Common issues that can be caused by not conducting regular checks of smart locks include:

  • Unsuccessful fingerprints
  • Difficulty entering pin codes without force
  • Denied access when access is set to time limits
  • Slow or lagging unlock of smart lock

If you encounter any of the above issues, please follow the steps below to trouble shoot the issues you face. 

1. Check battery status

Whether you have a smart lock, keypad, keysafe, padlock or another smart SecEsafe device, it's important to regularly check the battery status of your device. This will prevent the smart lock from going flat so you can continue to enjoy your smart lock without any disruptions. 

How to check battery status

To check up on your smart lock battery status, simply open the TTLock. On the home page of the app, you can easily view the battery status of all your locks. 


2. Clean the smart lock

Often, it's easy to overlook this step but just simply cleaning your smart lock every couple of months can go a long way to preventing the performance of your smart lock from being hindered. 

Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, smart locks are used by many people, multiple times a day. This causes grease, bacteria, sweat, dirt, product and other substances. Overtime, this can cause users to have trouble unlocking their smart lock because the operation of the lock is impeded by dirt. This is especially important in regards to pin code and fingerprint smart locks as the dirt can prevent the smart lock from reading the operations correctly. 

After conducting a general clean and wipe over of the whole smart lock with a damp, gentle cloth, we recommend using rubbing alcohol (cleaning alcohol) to deeply clean the parts of the lock that rely on reading fingerprints or pin codes. 

You can purchase this product in the form of a spray bottle, or alternatively small, disposal wipes. 

3. Check smart lock clock

Low battery status, loss of power and daylight savings can interfere with smart lock clock causing discrepancies between the current time and the time programmed on the smart lock. This is particularly important if you set certain times when employees or users are allowed access. For example, employees can only unlock the smart lock between 7am and 6pm.

However, this can easily be rectified in two simple steps:

*Please note that this must be done within a metre from the smart lock unless a gateway device is being used.

1. Calibrate Time

  1. Simply open the TTLock app and select the lock you wish to check.
  2. Press the cog symbol to go to the smart lock settings.
  3. Select 'Lock Clock'
  4. Here, you can see what the current time and date of the smart lock is.
  5. Press the blue 'Calibrate Time' button.
  6. The app will then ensure that the smart lock is synced to the current date and time. 

This is an important step to do if the smart lock loses power at any point to ensure the date and time remains accurate. 

2. Daylight Savings Status

When daylight savings takes place each year, the TTLock app will prompt you with a notification to approve updating the date and time of the locks to ensure they remain accurate.

  1. If you aren't sure whether you approved this at the time of daylight savings you can check this in the same 'Lock Clock' settings.
  2. Select 'Daylight saving setting' 
  3. The app will then check to see if any updates need to take place. 

4. Check for smart lock update

TTLock regularly provides firmware updates for compatible smart locks. It is recommended to update your smart lock to the latest firmware when possible to prevent any faults from occurring. Please note you must be within 2 metres of the smart lock to perform this function.

  1. Simply open the TTLock app and select the lock you wish to check.
  2. Press the cog symbol to go to the smart lock settings.
  3. Select 'Firmware Update'
  4. Press 'Check for Update'
  5. If any updates are necessary, the smart lock will then update to the latest firmware.
Thank you for reading our blog post on how to conduct a regular check up of your smart lock. After completing these steps you are still experiencing issues with your smart lock, please contact our team on sales@corplock.com.au

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