How to make your smart lock weather-resistant

Whether you live in Melbourne and are accustomed to the temperamental weather changes or whether you live else where, it is important to know your smart lock is installed to withstand common weather conditions experienced in every part of Australia.

Each smart lock has a recommended working temperature and IP rating that we advise to adhere to in order to ensure your smart lock remains in a good working condition.

We also recommend that where possible, smart locks that are installed on external buildings are installed under slight shelter such as door overhangs or under veranda/patios. As smart, electronic products, these smart locks are not designed to be installed in harsh without any protection from weather. 

Safeguarding your smart lock

One easy way to do this is by installing a silicone sealant around the surface of the smart lock where the lock attaches to the surface of the door/wall. Click the link below to watch a tutorial on how to make the CL603BF water-resistant.

Watch now!
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