How To Make Your Garage Door Smart

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How To Make Your Garage Door Smart

Have you ever left home in a hurry or setting out to the airport and you suddenly question if you shut the garage door? We've all been there. Instead of using your time worrying over these small yet significant issues you can better spend your time using the Smart Garage Door Controller.


What is a Smart Garage Door?

A Smart Garage Door controller works like a normal garage door opener, however what makes it different is that it can connect to the WiFi. By doing so, this allows for remote control and monitoring of the garage door activity via your smart phone. 


Home Automation

The best part about Smart Garage Door controllers are that they fall under the home automation category. This enables you to broaden your control beyond just your smart phone to also include tech devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. You can control your device hands free by giving commands to your voice control of choice. 


Notification Modes

Always remain on alert with a variety of notification modes. This includes:

  • Knowing the status of the garage door - whether it is open or shut
  • Overtime notification notifies you when your door has been open for an unusually extended period of time
  • Overnight notification to know if you accidentally left the door open near bed time
  • Timed notifications enable you to set schedule time to close the door automatically in case you leave it open all night or enable it stay open while the gardener or builder needs access. 


Easy Installation

Instead of buying a brand new garage door with smart technology in-built, you can simply install this relay for a fraction of the price. Installation is easier than you think. Make sure your WiFi strength is sufficient and in close proximity to the relay. 


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