How to export smart lock audit trail in TTLock App

Within the TTLock app, you can access a real-time audit trail of successful and failed access attempts to your smart lock. This is a great feature for business owners who wish to monitor employee or customer access. However, to ensure you retain access to the records, we recommend exporting the records monthly as TTLock will only retain the records for a period of time.

Exporting Smart Lock Records

Exporting using the desktop version of TTLock App

To accurately export a live audit trail of your smart lock we recommend completing this process through the desktop version of TTLock which can be accessed via your browser. While this can be performed via the TTLock app, it may not be as accurate as the desktop version.

  1. Search in your browser > select 'open platform' in the top right hand corner > select 'management'.
  2. Log into your TTLock account using the credentials used to log into your account on your smart phone.
  3. Select the smart lock you wish to export the audit trail data from.
  4. Select 'records'.
  5. Within that specific smart lock, select 'Export' > 'Export Logs' in the top right hand corner.
  6. You can then select the time period you wish to export before the log is downloaded in excel format. 

*Please note: desktop version of TTLock is only compatible when a smart gateway is used in conjunction with TTLock smart lock. 

Exporting using the TTLock App

  1. Open TTLock App.
  2. Select the smart lock you wish to export the audit trail from.
  3. Select 'Records' from the smart lock home page.
  4. Press the symbol in the top right hand corner of the records screen.
  5. Select 'Export Records'.
  6. Select desired time period (noting records date back 6 months).
  7. Press 'Export'.
  8. Select 'Share' to save exported data. 

Keep in mind that the audit trail within the TTLock app is only retained for 6 months, so exporting the trail allows you to keep a record of who accessed your smart lock in real-time.

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