How To Disable Privacy Lock & Why?

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How To Disable Privacy Lock & Why?

At Corporate Locksmiths, our latest range of smart Bluetooth lever/mortice locks have an added privacy lock feature. This feature enables you to flick the switch on the internal side of the lock. By doing so, the lock can only be unlocked by the administrator or mechanical key. The privacy lock can be disabled in the lock settings to prevent accidental and inconvenient lock outs. 

In most scenarios and environments this feature is not necessary as it can potentially lock family members or team members out. You can disable this feature by completing the following, easy steps:

1. Open TTLock App

2. Select the lock you wish to disable privacy lock on

3. Go to lock settings

4. Select 'Privacy Lock'

5. Press the Blue Button to 'Turn Off' the Privacy Lock Feature


For more tips, tricks and tutorials on our range of smart locks, head to our knowledge base page on our website to find our resources. 



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