How to configure the CLBTG2W Gateway device on the TTLock APP?

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How to configure the CLBTG2W Gateway device on the TTLock APP?

The TTLock CLBTG2W Gateway is a device that enables you to remotely unlock and lock your Bluetooth smart locks remotely via WiFi. It is compatible with all Bluetooth locks that work on the TTLock App.

Control your lock from anywhere in the world. The gateway also enables you to check the door status, battery and activity logs remotely in real-time. This leaves you with peace of mind as well as constant control over your locks regardless of how far away you are. 

The TTLock CLBTG2W Gateway can pair with as many locks as desired. Simply connect to your WiFi router and wireless connect your smart to the same WiFi network. 

TTLock CLBTG2W Gateway is compatible with Home Automation and works with Alexa and Google Home voice control. 

Home Automation and home security has never been easier. Gone are the days where you have to physically unlock your lock with a key. Today, you can unlock your door remotely from anywhere in the world - even another country! The gateway is great for businesses as it enables you to grant other permanent or timed access to your lock without you having to physically be in the same building as the lock to do so. 

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