How can smart locks improve your home?

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How can smart locks improve your home?

A new way to open a door

Whether your hands are full with groceries and you can’t reach your key or you just don't have pockets to carry your keys. Or maybe you or a family member has forgotten their key. Or maybe you are away and want to monitor when and who opens the door during that time - smart locks are the answer.


These locks operate by connecting them via Bluetooth to your smartphone. This enables you to lock and unlock your door without a physical key. In addition to using your smartphone some models of locks enable you to open your door with your fingerprint, smart watch, key code or waving your phone over the lock.


Not only do smart locks make your life easier, smart lock apps also allow you to send ‘virtual keys’ to others at your discretion. Family, friends, guests, colleagues or contractors can have temporary or permanent access, again at your control. This feature also enables you to monitor who and when individuals access your property.

Smart locks are battery operated. Batteries typically last 12 months and your smart lock app will notify you when batteries need changing.

With smart locks you no longer need to worry about losing your key, having your hands full or not being home. Simply changing your home to a smart home can have a significant impact on your productivity and quality of life.

For more information about smart locks, you can view the products on our store, or call us on 1300 366 277 for a quote.

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