Do you need a gateway for your smart lock?

Do you need a gateway for your smart lock?

At Corporate Locksmiths, we offer both G2 and G3 gateways that are


compatible with our range of smart locks. This article explains what the gateway is and why you might need one for your smart locks. 


What is a gateway?

A gateway is a device that enables remote control for Bluetooth smart locks. By installing a gateway, you can operate the smart lock remotely via the

TTLock Gateway How It Works Diagram

TTLock app. This includes locking/unlocking, sending passcodes and eKeys as well as adding administrators and accessing a real-time audit trail. 

The Gateway connects to TTLock Bluetooth locks using WiFi to enable remote control of compatible Bluetooth smart locks. 

When do I need a gateway? 

Gateways are a great addition to your smart lock set up. They enable you to perform functions remotely that would otherwise only be possible within 5 metres from the lock. This includes unlocking/locking, setting up/deleting pin codes and eKeys and accessing access records. 

Gateway Features


G3 vs G2

Currently, we offer two types of gateways. They offer all of the same features when it comes to operating and managing your locks. However, the G3 uses ethernet power connection to connect directly to your router. On the other hand, the G2 uses type-C USB power interface to connect to a power source such as a power board or power point.

When it comes to deciding on which is the best fit for you, it comes down to the gateway location, router location and Bluetooth lock(s). The gateways work best when the space between them, the router and the lock is open and unobstructed from thick walls or windows. Never fastened or place the gateways on metal as this can obstruct the signal of the gateway from connecting to the Bluetooth locks. 

For large quantities of Bluetooth locks on the one property, it may be more effective to place multiple gateways throughout the property in order to ensure the gateway connection is strong which in turn ensures that the remote control feature of the gateway can be utilised. 


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