CLSW2 - Smart Garage Relay

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CLSW2 - Smart Garage Relay

This is a Wi-Fi enabled single door controller. It is designed for garage doors, but can also be implemented into an electric sliding gate, mag lock or electronic strike.

It is powered using a standard AC wall plug, & uses a Normally Open dry contact to open & close the door.

Unlike some others, this relay features a built in reed switch. Once installed, the app will show you whether the door is open or closed, eliminating the guessing game.

The controller connects to your 2.4GHz home/office Wi-Fi connection. Through the app, access to the door can be shared temporarily or permanently. Schedules and timers can be set. (unlock the door between 9AM & 5PM)

The relay can be set to unlock for a certain period of time, or to toggle between states.

This device can also be integrated into a larger access control system, allowing it to work alongside request to exits, break glasses and readers/keypads.

The Smart Life app has Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Homekit & IFTTT support built in, allowing you to operate the device with your smart speaker

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