Careers in Locksmithing

Corporate Locksmiths is always looking for new apprentices who are enthusiastic to join the locksmithing trade. At Corporate Locksmiths we are proud to offer apprenticeships that are varied and comprehensive. Our apprentices get the opportunity to gain electronic security skills and experience alongside what is traditionally offered. This ranges from electronic locks to comprehensive security and alarm systems as well as receive training in CCTV installation and servicing.

About the Program

We tailor our program to be forward thinking and all-encompassing to equip our apprentices with the skills and experiences required for a varied and rewarding career within the locksmith industry. 
Modern locksmiths are security professionals, utilising the latest technology. Certainly, they still cut keys and fix locks; however, they offer a wide range of security services for the residential, commercial, industrial, automotive, health, educational and Government sectors, including electronic access control, home automation, CCTV, alarms, safes & vaults, and automotive locksmithing services including the latest transponder keys. Apprentice locksmiths at Corporate Locksmiths still learn about all the traditional aspects of locksmithing, but they also focus on the industry trends of the future to ensure they are well equipped.
The 4-year Apprenticeship is designed to support the apprentice. This includes integrating TAFE alongside employment and TAFE tuition being provided. By completing your TAFE course and apprentice concurrently, this enables the team to support you through out the process, including assessment and in-house training and mentoring.

Apprenticeship Pathways in Australia

The pathway to becoming a Trade Qualified Locksmith is through an Apprenticeship. Apprenticeships in Locksmithing are through TAFE (Australia) and Competenz (New Zealand).

Interested in becoming a locksmith? The first thing you need to do is find an employer willing to take you on as an Apprentice. Corporate Locksmiths is located in Abbotsford, close to the Melbourne CBD. You can write to or call us for more information.

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Careers in Locksmithing - Corporate Locksmiths

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