6 Christmas Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

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6 Christmas Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

Who can believe the festive time of year is upon us already! While this is an exciting time of year, often filled with rest and time off for many corporate businesses, it can also be a stressful time for business owners.

There’s nothing worse than coming back on Monday morning after the Christmas period to signs of a break-in. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a physical product-based business or a services-based business, break-ins aren’t fun for any business. 

In today’s society, it has never been easier and more cost-effective than now to safeguard your business this festive season. Having been in the commercial security business for decades, there is no denying that Christmas time sees an increase in break-ins. So what have we learnt, and what can you do to prevent break-ins and loss? Keep reading to find out our top 6 tips to implement this December.

1. Know Who is Coming In and Out

There’s nothing worse than retracing your steps after a break-in occurred and trying to figure out who accessed the office and when. Access control systems that produce an audit trail that enables you to have peace of mind knowing you can find who accessed your office and when.
For this system to work, everyone with access to the office must use an individual pass specific to them. This will ensure that when you cross-reference the card/pin/fob with the user, you know who accessed your business.
This also helps you to discern how the intruder got into your office or property. For example, if an employee’s pass was lost or stolen, you can trace the access back to ensure your security is not breached.


2. Establish Locking Up Procedures

One of the easiest, cheapest ways to safeguard your business this Christmas is to communicate and plan with your team. Breakdowns in communication and a lack of planning is one of the leading causes of preventable break-ins.
Simply coming up with a plan about who is responsible for locking up and what the procedure involves by creating a checklist provides an effective way of preventing the task from being forgotten at a very busy time of year.
It is also a good idea that the designated staff member responsible for carrying out the locking up procedures is accompanied by another staff member because we all know two heads are better than one!


3. Review Your Access Control Systems

Many corporate and commercial properties and offices have some type of access control varying in security. Whatever the system your business uses, be sure to test the system before the final lock-up for the year.
Nothing is worse than finding out after the break-in that your alarm, PIRs or cameras don’t work.
To take your security to the next level, you can even invest in smart access control. Rather than paying a security patrol to check on your office every now and again, you can purchase products that will notify you in real-time when an attempted break-in is occurring. Some products, like the latest Hikvision CCTV range, even allow you to speak to the intruder through the camera, or alternatively, you can set up automatic warnings.
You don’t have to go into the office to know all is well. By simply investing in smart security, you can have peace of mind from the comfort of your home or holiday. 


4. Invest in CCTV or Smart Security Solutions

Expanding on the point above, if your business doesn’t have access control systems in place, this is your friendly reminder that your single lock on the front door just might hold up when it comes to determined intruders this Christmas season.
There is a wide range of products and solutions available on the market today. These could include alarm systems, CCTV, smart locks, magnetic locks, smart key safes, wireless systems, commercial-grade safes and Cloud services. 


5. Educate Your Staff

Protecting your business from preventable damage shouldn’t rest on just one person. Many people who aren’t business owners aren’t aware of the level of risk businesses are susceptible to. Simply involving employees in the process and systems can make staff more aware and educated about the risks and preventions associated with property security.
Share the load by teaching other employees how to arm or disarm your office. While this is a simple and low-cost tip, it can make a big difference in protecting your business, as you have many eyes and ears looking out for your business. 


6. Re-Direct or Check Your Mail Frequently

Whether you are closing your office for just the Christmas and New Year public holidays or whether your office is taking a long, well-deserved break, don’t forget about your mail! Plan ahead to ensure that any necessary parcels are planned for with a collection plan in place. If mail can be re-directed or placed on hold, this is also a great option.
Investing in a smart door bell or smart phone-supported camera can add an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind. You can know when and what is delivered to your office so you can act fast and minimise theft or damage. 
If the tips above have helped your business in preparing for the upcoming holidays or maybe you're after a little more guidance for when it comes to safeguarding your business, contact us today. From free quotes to consultations, we can assist you with preparing and equipping you with the tools and products you need for the weeks ahead.

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