4 Simple Tips To Improving Home Security

4 Simple Tips To Improving Home Security

Home security and protecting your valuables does not need to be difficult or expensive. Here are four simple tips to significantly increase security.

1. Forget The Hidden Spare Key


We have all been guilty of this at some point during our lives. Whether you hid the key under the door mat, in a pot plant or in a 'secret key rock', we have all thought this was a great idea. But just as it is common practice, it is common practice for intruders to search for hidden keys in similar places.

You may wonder, "Well if we no longer have a spare hidden key, how will we get in if we accidentally forget our keys?". The answer to this question is simple... Bluetooth Smart Locks.  These products are game changes. With 6 different methods of entry there's no much room for error. Simply use your fingerprint, pin code, smart phone, card or key. Make your life easier with Bluetooth Smart Locks.

 2. Motion Activated Lights

By installing motion detection exterior lights you will know when someone is on your property. These are great and simple additions to your house. Not only will you know when someone has triggered the light but they also act as a deterrent. Even if you aren’t at home potential intruders are most likely to walk away knowing they have triggered the motion detector and increasing the likelihood of you knowing they are there.

3. Home Automation

In today's day and age there is an app for everything! You can have CCTV on your phone, your front door, garage, lights, heating and cooling all controlled from your phone. Be notified when someone enters your home or alternatively, if you are away you can turn your lights on when you want to simulate that someone is home. 

This is a simple tip that not only makes your life easier but safer. 

4. Lock Sliding Doors

It isn't the first door that comes to mind and often overlooked. But sliding exterior fly screens are easy to break through if they are not made from strong materials with a secure lock installed. Be sure to check your fly screen to ensure it is intruder-proof. 

Even easier than that... lock your fly screen! Many home owners just lock the door and not the preceding fly screen. However this is the easiest tip of the day. While the added security may be small, it adds another step intruders must get through and it makes you home that bit more secure. 


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