What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance refers to a proactive approach to maintaining and preserving the functionality, reliability, and longevity of assets, equipment, or systems. It involves scheduled inspections, adjustments, cleaning, and replacement of components to prevent potential failures or breakdowns before they occur.

The primary goal of Preventative Maintenance is to prevent unexpected system or equipment failures, minimise downtime, and reduce the overall cost of repairs and replacements. By implementing regular maintenance activities, organisations can identify and address potential issues early on, thereby increasing the operational efficiency and lifespan of their assets.

Why do you need a preventative maintenance schedule? 

Having a preventative maintenance schedule for your property or facility offers numerous benefits and is highly recommended. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider implementing a preventative maintenance program:

1. Cost Savings

By proactively maintaining your building's systems and equipment, you can avoid major breakdowns or failures that may require expensive emergency repairs. Regular inspections, maintenance, and component replacements help identify and address potential issues early on, preventing them from escalating into costly problems. The cost of preventative maintenance is often significantly lower than reactive maintenance or equipment replacement.

2. Security

Access control and security systems bring peace of mind and act as proactive measures that can be implemented to safeguard your property from potential break-ins or trespass. 

3. Increased Equipment Lifespan

Properties and facilities are comprised of various systems and equipment, such as access control systems, locks, security systems, and CCTV. Proper maintenance ensures that these systems operate efficiently and are less prone to premature wear and tear. By addressing minor issues promptly and keeping systems in optimal condition, you can extend their lifespan, thereby delaying the need for costly replacements.

4. Minimised Downtime

Unplanned equipment or system failures or malfunctions can lead to significant downtime and disruptions in your building's operations. This can impact tenants, employees, and visitors, causing inconvenience and potentially affecting business operations. Preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that your building's systems and equipment operate reliably, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity.

5. Comprehensive Record-keeping and Documentation

Implementing a preventative maintenance schedule involves maintaining detailed records of inspections, maintenance tasks, repairs, and component replacements. These records provide valuable historical data and help track the maintenance history of your building. They can be useful for warranty claims, insurance purposes, budgeting, and future planning.


Preventative maintenance services

At Corporate Locksmiths, we work with our clients to create a tailored preventative maintenance plan that meets the unique needs of the client's business and property. The level of detail and services we provide is specific to the property and the business needs itself. 

We provide comprehensive preventative maintenance to our large commercial clients across multiple multi-story properties, ensuring the access control and electronic security is well maintained to ensure our clients can benefit from their properties. 

Services include:

  • CCTV maintenance and cleaning
  • Fire door compliance checks
  • Servicing of locks and entry points
  • Access control testing and servicing
  • Routine checks and servicing to all data gathering panels (DGPs)

One of the ways we ensure this service is regular and comprehensive in order to meet the needs of the property and business, is through the use of ServiceM8, a field service management software which empowers smart and efficient operations at Corporate Locksmiths. One of the features within Service M8 is the asset management feature. You can find more about this service and feature by reading our blog post talking all things Asset Management x Service M8.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Business

If after reading this article, you would like to learn more about preventative maintenance or how developing a program for your business may be beneficial, book in a commitment free quote or speak to our team today.