Preventative Maintenance

Corporate Locksmiths is able to provide Preventative Maintenance services to businesses for their mechanical locks, electronic access control/alarm & CCTV systems. Preventative Maintenance is a proactive approach aimed at ensuring the optimal functioning and longevity of these crucial systems. By implementing regular inspections, scheduled upkeep, and necessary repairs, our team of experts helps prevent unexpected failures, minimizes downtime, and maximizes the overall performance and reliability of your access control and security infrastructure. Preventative Maintenance can be scheduled at a frequency that makes sense for your business.

We are also able to incorporate yearly Essential Safety Measures Audits required by the AESC (Australian Essential Services Compliance) into these maintenance walkthroughs.

Over time, various components of a building's access control system may loosen or become unreliable.

Preventative Maintenance walkthroughs usually consist of:

Mechanical Access Control - Testing, Adjustment & Lubrication of:

  • Door handles
  • Door closers
  • Hinges
  • Mechanical locks

These components are used extremely often and have the possibility to loosen or become misaligned as a part of daily operation. This can lead to doors failing to open in emergency circumstances, or failing to lock and keep intruders out.

CCTV Maintenance

  • Cleaning & focusing cameras
  • Checking recorded footage timeframe
  • Storage checks
  • Mechanical locks

Ensuring all security cameras have good vision and that the amount of storage meets the business' requirements is of utmost importance.

Electronic Access Control

  • Controller voltage checks
  • Controller battery backup checks with replacements for low voltage or end of service life batteries.
  • Electronic lock checks (mag lock bonding, electric strike function)
  • Emergency egress checks (Break Glass/Request to Exit)
  • Fire relay function checks