Asset Management

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based field service management software designed to assist businesses in managing their service operations.

Asset management refers to the process of organising, tracking, and maintaining physical assets managed by Corporate Locksmiths. These assets can include domestic and commercial products and equipment such as access control systems, CCTV, DGPs, standard locks, Bilock systems and more. We want to ensure that assets are well managed and documented as proper asset management can help businesses ensure that their assets are utilised efficiently, maintained regularly, and accounted for accurately.

Here are some key aspects of asset management on ServiceM8:

  1. Asset Tracking: The software allows us to create a database of our client's assets, including details such as asset type, serial number, purchase date, warranty information, and location. This makes it easy to locate and identify assets when needed.

  2. Maintenance Scheduling: ServiceM8 enables Corporate Locksmiths to set up maintenance schedules for servicing assets and properties. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and ensures that assets operate optimally, reducing downtime and improving service quality. You can learn more about preventative maintenance here. 

  3. Work Orders: When an asset requires repair or maintenance, ServiceM8 allows us to effectively and efficiently create work orders directly from the asset record. This simplifies the process of managing asset-related tasks and helps maintain a comprehensive history of each asset's maintenance and repairs whilst enabling us to address your concerns in an efficient manner. 

  4. Asset Utilisation Reports: ServiceM8 can generate reports that provide insights into asset utilisation. These reports can show usage patterns, downtime, and help identify potential inefficiencies or under-utilised assets. This enables us to work alongside our clients to enable businesses to best utilise their assets. 

  5. Asset History: Through ServiceM8, we are able to keep a log of all activities related to an asset, including maintenance, repairs, and service requests. This comprehensive history allows for better decision-making regarding asset replacement or upgrades, we have seen this feature drastically save our clients money in the long run by efficiently managing assets. 

  6. Integration with Other Modules: Asset management in ServiceM8 may be linked to other modules like inventory management, invoicing, and scheduling. This integration ensures a smooth workflow and helps in tracking the financial aspects associated with assets to be track and manage assets. 

By efficiently managing assets through ServiceM8, we seek to reduce operational costs, improve service delivery, and maintain a competitive edge in the field service industry. To book an obligation free quote or to discuss preventative maintenance and asset management for your business, speak to our team today.