Smart TTLock Door Sensor Reed Switch

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The TTLock Smart Reed Switch (CLMLSR1) is a convenient and reliable solution for managing your home or business security.

It allows you to control the locking and unlocking of your doors remotely using the TTLock app on your smartphone and the gateway device. This product enables you to check the status of your door, whether it is OPEN or CLOSED. This is an additional product that provides peace of mind, particularly for the SecEsafe Smart Deadbolt range. 

The reed switch can replace the "auto lock" function by triggering the deadbolt to lock when the reed switch is in the "closed" position. With this switch, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to access your home security remotely while also maintaining the security and reliability of a functional lock. It also offers an extra layer of convenience as a G2 or G3 gateway is required to utilise the functionality of the reed switch. it requires your authorization before granting access. 

This switch is easy to install and use, and it is compatible with most TTLock smart locks. This product comes with adhesive tape for convenient installation and access to an online manual. The CLMLSR1 does not include batteries. CR2032 battery is required to operate and the reed switch battery status can be accessed in the TTLock app.