10 PACK 125 kHz EM Format Fob - For Suitable Access Control Systems

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Introducing the 125KHz RFID Proximity EM Format Fobs compatible access control systems – your ultimate solution for seamless and secure access control!

Designed to work seamlessly with new or existing access control systems that are compatible with EM technology. These RFID key fobs utilise advanced 125KHz technology to provide reliable and efficient access management. Whether you're securing your office building, apartment complex, or gated community, these fobs offer unparalleled convenience and security by enabling individualised access to approved individuals.

These key fobs are designed for everyday use in both residential and commercial environments. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to carry on your keychain or attach to a lanyard, allowing for hassle-free access whenever you need it.

Compatible with a wide range of access control systems, these key fobs are incredibly versatile, offering seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Simply scan your tag or fob at the reader, and gain instant access – it's that easy!* 


  • 125KHz Frequency EM Fob
  • Size 19.1 x 4.1 x 16 cm
  • Each fob has its own unique ID number
  • Read only, not writable
  • FOB EM Blue – 125kHz


    *EM format fobs are only compatible with systems that support EM frequency, please consult your access control system and a professional before purchasing.