TTLock Web Instructions

TTLock offers a web interface that allows various settings of locks to be managed from any web browser.

The web interface (located at uses the same account information that is used to sign in to the app.

Once logged in, all of the connected locks are sorted into groups. Basic information about the lock is visible on this screen, like the name, battery status & Wi-Fi status.


Lock Configuration

Clicking on a lock brings up the configuration menu.

From here, active eKeys, Passcodes, & an event log can be accessed. The event log shows successful & unsuccessful unlock attempts.

It also shows the current lock status, MAC address, serial number & firmware version of the device, to help troubleshoot issues.


Sending eKeys & Passcodes

On the "Main Menu" & in the "Configuration Menu" there are buttons to "Send eKey" & "Send Passcode". Upon entering these menus a passcode can be generated & sent via SMS/E-Mail to anyone, or Bluetooth access can be sent to an existing TTLock user.


If you would like more information about using the TTLock Web Interface, please use the link below.