CL815B/BF - Smart Bluetooth Lever Lock

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The CL815B/BF is a Keyless Digital / Electronic Door Lock that can be fitted as a Front Door Lock. It can be operated via Bluetooth or from remote locations using the TTLock iOS/Android app without the need for Internet or WiFi. It is suited for Homes, Offices, Airbnb, Motels, Holiday Homes etc.

    • Specific codes can be sent via SMS or E-Mail. These codes can be
    • Bluetooth access (one-time, temporary, or permanent) can also be shared by SMS or E-Mail.
    • MiFare Fobs & Fingerprints can be added as credentials.
    • There is a key override & Micro-USB port in order to get in if the batteries go flat. 

For more information on this lock, use the links below.

This lock comes in two different colours. The CL815BF model comes with an added fingerprint reader with updated fingerprint technology. 

CL815 Product Overview

CL815 User Manual