CL-NT40 - Slimline Infrared Touchless Request to Exit Button

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The CL-NT40 is a slimline request to exit device that uses infrared technology to grant access without needing to be touched.

The NT-40 is only 40mm wide. This allows it to fit on 45mm or wider metal door frames. When powered on, the outer ring of the sensor is blue. When a hand is held in front of the sensor (5-10cm), the light turns green & the relay activates.

It features two wires for power, & three for relay control (NC/COM/NO). After being wired into a new or existing access control system, it can be used to open a Mag Lock, Electric Strike or V-Lock.

Weight - 100g

Dimensions - 115mm x 40mm

Wire Colours

Red/Black +ve/-ve voltage (12-24v DC)
Yellow Relay Normally Closed
Green Relay Common
Blue Relay Normally Open


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