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The CLR16 Wireless Key Remote is a smart remote that is compatible with the latest ranges of TTLock Smart Locks. It can be operated within 8 metres of the lock using Bluetooth without the need to be physically next to the lock to unlock. 


This product is suited to environments where users want to conveniently unlock the smart lock from a greater distance when compared to the standard unlock feature of the eKey that requires users to be within 2 metres of the smart lock. Suitable environments include offices, gates, reception areas, industrial warehouses and large commercial areas etc. 


Features Include:

  • 8 Metre Unlock/Lock Range
  • Convenient Size
  • Compatible with latest smart lock range
  • Multiple remotes can be added to a single smart lock.
  • Status light to indicate successful request to lock/unlock
  • Low Battery Notification


Product Specifications:

Model: CLR16

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 60.6 x 29 x 11.7 mm

Frequency: 2.4GHz 


Voltage: 3V

Number of Openings: >1000

Idle Current <2uA

Weight: 15g